Deershed Festival

Deer Shed Festival

Pip Theatre is delighted to be working at Deer Shed Festival in July.The theme is The Wilderwild… We can’t wait!

For Deer Shed families we offer a fun and fresh take on your average drama and storytelling workshops. A whole new and exciting way to engage your creativity.

All ages are welcome, get ready to take a risk and join in this year.

Everyday Heroes Project: Ashton

Everyday Heroes Project: Ashton

Over the summer 2014 Pip ran a week-long summer school at New Charter Academy Community School in Ashton. The summer school was aimed at young people aged from eight to sixteen. Within the week the participants took part in various workshops exploring different art forms, such as improvisation, storytelling,drumming and movement. The main focus of the summer school was to create a piece to feed into a bigger performance event being run by Chol theatre in collaboration with New Charter Homes and the Royal Exchange Theatre who had previously been working together to provide opportunities within the community of Ashton Under Lyne. The community performance was a celebration of a three-year project coming to anend. My main role within the project was to collect ideas from the young people of Ashton about how they fell within their community. This was then scripted and developed as the finale of the overall performance Everyday Heroes. Chol worked closely with a guest director and writer to come up with the innovative,community performance presented outdoors in the heart of Ashton’s Broadoak estate. As well as running the summer school, Pip ran two extra rehearsals close to the performance date in which the young people’s performance came together using all the skills learnt in the summer school.

Lindley: Then & Now

Lindley: Then and Now

Lindley: Then and Now is a project to commemorate Lindley Village in WW1

The 25th April brought the community together to celebrate Lindley: Then and Now. The Lindley History Research Group took the village on a tour to discover facts and figures about the shops and houses that are here today. We explored what life was like 100 years back, who lived here and what still remains from the War.
With an exhibition from local schools and Lindley choir, St Stephan’s church filled with unexpected memories of WW1.
Pip Theatre has been worked with Chol Theatre and collaborated with Lindley Junior School to explore and devise a performance depicting the life of a child in WW1.
It was a day to remember. Lindley: Then and Now.